In recent years we have won many awards for our sausages, hams
and pates. At present, we carry a range of over 20 home made prize
winning sausages, we are renowned for our fresh pork products and,
especially at Christmas, our hand reared turkeys.


Priced per Kg
Delayed Eviceration or NYD
4-8 Kg 8-9 Kg 9-11 Kg
11+ Kg

(EV) up to 2 Kg 2-2.8 Kg
2.8+ Kg

NYD 5-9 Kg

NYD 2.25-4.5 Kg EV 2-3 Kg

Best Roll Leg Roll

We have perfected the art of curing and cooking our own ham and
salt beef, available plain boiled or honey roasted and dressed
for a buffet.

We produce a wide range of cooked meats, pies, pasties, quiches
and cold slicing pies. More recently we have introduced a range of
frozen ready meals - all home cooked and made from fresh, natural

We have built a modern kitchen and separate walk-in refridgeration,
so we can keep well ahead of current legislation. From our premises
we provide a full catering service, from self collection buffets,
beef wellingtons and filling your own dishes with various pies,
moussakas or casseroles, etc to a full waitress service.

Try our selection of Pork products

B'less green collar Boneless smoked collar
Green Middle Gammon Smoked middle gammon
Half Ham Joint - boneless Cooked ham (on/bone) 6lb+
Whole Ham Whole or half-knuckle
Ham - sliced Honey roast ham - whole or half
Smoked Bacon - dry back Streaky - smoked
Unsmoked Bacon - back Streaky - green
Pork Joint shoulder Loin best cuts
Leg of Pork - whole Knuckle
Leg of Pork - fillet half Pork chops
B'd stuffed Loin of pork Pork tenderloin
Green Whole Gammon - o/bone Smoked Gn/whole gammon
Own cure Gammons