about us

We have been in East Horsley since 1784
winining two prizes in the National Trust
Fine Farms Produce Awards. Having two
shops, both in Ockham Road, we have won
for our stubble turnip hogget ( a type of older
lamb) and Sussex cross beef topside. We also
won an award last year for our Turkey’s.

Conisbee is run by grandfather Neil Conisbee
and his sons James and Stephen with the vast
majoirty of meat coming from their own farms
in the Mole Valley and from local farmers.

Stephen lives on the farm and is involed mostly
with the running of the farm while James
concentrates more with the running of the shops
and it looks like nine year old grandson William
is carrying on in the tradition as he just recently
purchased his first sheep.

What the judges said:

Stubble turnip fed hogget:
A succulent, tender and juicy
piece of meat with lovely fat.
Sussex cross beef topside:
Well presented topside with
a full and well-rounded flavour.

What the judges said:

The turkey was very firm but
melted in the mouth. The
meat had a lovely subtle
‘buttery’ flavour.

All Conisbee’ stock on our farms is accredited with the

What the judges said:
This year the partnership won an award for its Sussex Beef - topside, mince and sirloin was assessed by judges, who praised it for its taste, texture and good butchery.
It also took an award for its Hollyberry Wold turkey which judges said had very flavoursome dark leg meat combined with a subtle almost buttery meat on the breast which carved very well.
This year it was the turn of the Sussex beef mince and steak, along with a steak & ale pie, to pick up the prizes.
What the judges said:
'I think this is a great pie - I would definitely buy these'